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Elder Darrell Earl Thomas Sr. is a man called by God to minister for the purpose of provoking souls into the Kingdom of God.


Elder Darrell E. Thomas became an elder and presbyter in The Lords Church on September 20th, 2010 at Christ Church International (C.C.I.) located in Jamaica, NY. Under the leadership of Bishop Joseph N. Williams, God spoke and instructed Bishop Williams to elevate Elder Darrell E. Thomas to Associate Pastor the following year.


Pastor Darrell was called by God to the ministry in October of 1995. At Christ Church International Pastor Darrell served as the teacher of the New Members Class, and served as the Advisor over the Youth & Young Adult Ministry. Pastor Darrell was given pastoral oversight over the Men’s and Women’s Ministries, Prison Ministry, Ushers/Greeters, Deacons, Security and Ministry of Information. God always had a plan, little did Pastor Darrell know, that all of this responsibility, oversight, training and mentoring, was actually preparation for the greater call in the future.


Pastor Darrell leads by example and not by words. He believes in strong leadership and strives to live above reproach. He has dedicated himself to the furtherance of man through the spiritual and educational process. He faced and conquered challenges head-on and became an inspiration to many. He is also committed to training youth and young adults to be strong, powerful, men and women of God. 


Professionally, Pastor Darrell works as a Fraud and Anti-Money Laundering Investigator in the Financial Services Industry, in New York City. In spite of a tragic car accident at the age of twenty,

Pastor Darrell pressed forward and graduated with a BA in Criminal Justice from John Jay College of Criminal Justice. He is a certified Youth Chaplain, and received his credentials from the National Association of Youth Chaplains (NAYC) at New York Theological Seminary, under the leadership and teaching of

Dr. Alfred Correa. Pastor Darrell received his theological training from Berean Bible Institute and School of Ministry, under the tutelage and leadership of Dr. Joseph N. Williams.

On March of 2020, our beloved and esteemed Bishop Joseph Nathaniel Williams transitioned from labor to reward. Our then associate Pastor Darrell Thomas stepped into these incredibly large shoes; shoes that he was trained to fill. Pastor Darrell began filling them at the hardest time when everyone was hurting, through the grace of God he found the strength to minister, preach, teach and comfort a grieving church family. Humbly taking the reigns after your mentor and spiritual father transitioned, can be both challenging and arduous

We accepted the will of God and we have accepted the task at hand. Bishop Joseph Williams left a solid foundation and a blueprint for success. The future looks bright as Pastor Darrell has engineered a renewed call and passion for souls, and those that are downtrodden and castaway. Pastor Darrell has called for a renewed outreach for the men and the youth of the community, realizing that this has been a shrinking demographic in the nation's inner-city churches for years. 

Pastor Darrell believes that if we can reach the men, the families attached will come. By faith Pastor Darrell believes there will be a renewing of the mind, and the healing of families spiritually, mentally, physically, educationally, emotionally and economically. This type of healing and renewal will inspire change and spawn a deluge of thriving communities. Pastor Darrell believes that a great community with God at its center, can cause a revival in the city that will spread to the state and reach a divided nation for Jesus. 

Pastor Darrell and his lovely wife, Elder LaSonya Thomas were joined in holy matrimony on May 16 1998. They are the proud parents of three handsome young men (Terrell, Darrell Jr. & Kendall). In his leisure time, he enjoys spending quality time with his family, looking at sports, and watching episodes of Law & Order, but above all fulfilling the call of God is his main purpose.

On January 16th 2022, Pastor Darrell Thomas was installed as the Senior Pastor of Christ Church International, under the late Bishop Ronald Carter (Bishop Williams' spiritual father) of Refuge Apostolic Church of Christ, Freeport, NY, Bishop Jonathan Shaw of Crown Ministries, Brooklyn NY, and

Bishop C.E. Newman of Friendly Church Ministries International, Jamaica NY.

Senior Pastor

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